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About Us

Our About Us, Is About You!

Majically was created to share the real magic that’s taking place in this beautiful world every day. There are so many good things happening all around us and we are passionate about bringing that news to you. We’re a feel good, live well company on a mission to share hope, happiness and positivity with the world. We do this by celebrating and empowering humanity through good news. Celebrating, because we’re calling attention to all the beautiful people who are solving problems in our communities and our world. Empowering, because we’re providing the feel good stories people need to get inspired, stay connected and make the choice to be happy.


We want to enhance mental health throughout the world by making people happy. Right now, sadness, despair and fear are dominating the news & media landscape which is causing tremendous amounts of anxiety and depression. There’s also a mental health crisis in the world and we are losing too many beautiful humans to suicide. People are walking around sad and scared at a time when it’s never been more safe, beautiful, and exciting to be alive.

This has inspired us to fight back by making good news more mainstream. We want everyone on the planet to perceive and believe in a bright future for themselves and humanity.

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Share The Magic

If you like our mission and support why we’re doing this, then help us get the message out. We need your help to share the magic with as many people as possible.