NFL star J.J. Watt appears in fake commercial to give student project a grade ‘boost’

NFL star J.J. Watt appears in fake commercial to give student project a grade ‘boost’

J.J. Watt is known for his playful personality and dedicated spirit. He’s also extremely charitable – In 2018, the J.J. Watt Foundation raised $41.6 million to help those affected by Hurrican Harvey.

But his latest stunt might just show you exactly who the real J.J. Watt is though – a regular guy who just likes to help people and have fun doing it.

Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt came up big for a student when the defensive end made time during his “lunch break” Tuesday to record a fake “energy chip” commercial to help with a school project.

A student at Cryar Intermediate School in Conroe, Texas, had chosen Watt as the celebrity endorser of his make-believe product, Energy Chips, his teacher tweeted, along with a picture of the student’s hand-drawn chip bag.

Not long after the teacher’s tweet, Watt responded: “Had a couple extra minutes during lunch break today, so I figured maybe this would help boost his grade on the project.”

The NFL star appears to hold a bag of “energy chips” that looks similar to the student’s drawing in his self-produced fake commercial, co-starring teammate Will Fuller.

“Oh, hello there, I’m J.J. Watt for the Houston Texans, and when I’m feeling like I’m lacking a little energy, I grab a bag of energy chips,” Watt says. “With 50 percent less sugar, they’re nutritious and only one bag a day gives you all the energy you need for the whole day. They keep me hype. Wow. And they’re delicious.”

He passes the bag to Fuller, who says he feels energized before he even tries the chips. Watt suggests his teammate try a chip as someone snickers offscreen.

Watt jokingly tweeted they need to work on Fuller’s script.

The teacher later thanked Watt and revealed the student earned an A on the project.

“Definitely have to give an A on this project,” the teacher tweeted. “You made our day and one student extremely excited and also many teachers! Thanks again for doing so much for the future generations!”

Source Fox News

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